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We don’t really care what your degrees are or which college you went to. We are more interested in finding out what drives you and what your passions are.

What you will have to bring to the table is…

  • passion and a track record in your field of expertise
  • a quick identification with new challenges and tasks and a solution-oriented “hands-on” way of working
  • enthusiasm for technology as a digital native
  • the joy of working in an entrepreneurial team and quickly establish a goal-oriented working relationship with different contacts
  • a team-oriented and motivated way of working
  • a good heart and the desire to change the world


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What your Job looks like

At Bamboo we analyze digital markets, look for relevant problems and develop companies as solutions that help people and planet while generating sustainable & scalable profits.

Let us know how you see fit!

What you can expect from us

With our Bamboo Team you are going to have…

  • a great, dynamic team that welcomes you with open arms and respects you as a full member from day one
  • individual support & top-class sparring partners for your challenges
  • many opportunities to develop yourself through our Bamboo Academy
  • inspiring conversations and workshops with your work colleagues
  • flexible working hours and work from home, without the stress of travel and commuting
  • everything you need to work comfortably in your home office
  • 24/7 office access at your convenience
  • the opportunity to contribute your own ideas, communicate with everyone at eye level, regardless of hierarchical positions, and be heard
  • exciting new projects, new directions and big challenges you haven’t seen before
  • the chance to have a real impact on this world


This will be easy.

You basically only have to tell us what your personality type is and why you think you are a good match for us.  Upload your CV and you’re on.

We are looking forward to getting to know you better.

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